Friday, February 02, 2007


CM 07 means LOOOOOVE!

If you blinked, you missed it!

We had to take down the Singaporean videos promoting CM07.

Which means that you missed the funniest videos ever. I mean it, the funniest videos you would have ever seen. If you were drinking milk while you were watching them, that selfsame milk would come right out your nose. It was that funny.

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Hi Mike,

I am Eliza from Singapore CCC and I am responsible for the 3 videos. I would like to request that you remove the videos from this website immediately

I wish to email you my reason for requesting so. Please email me back at

Thank you.
Hey Mike,

At the request of Singapore CCC, I had to take those videos down. The staff on the videos requested it. Bummer...

But hopefully, in the coming weeks, I'm hoping to get students to produce some parody videos promoting CM2007!

-Christian (web editor,
A lot of people think my name is Mike because my two names sort of blend together...

Matt + Mikalatos = Mike

I just don't know where the "e" comes from.

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