Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Not too late!

Next Monday, April 30th, is the LAST DAY to register for CM07. If you don't register by Monday and you still fly to Korea, you'll have to stand outside the Bexco arena and stand on your tip-toes and try to hear what is going on.

So REGISTER already!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Signs on the Road

Hey friends--

Some of you have introduced yourself in previous posts. I thought it might be time to give each other some updates.

1) How have you seen God show himself as you're getting ready for CM07?

2) How is it going with raising the money for this summer?

3) What can we pray for you right now?

Leave your answers in the comments section!


God is the Answer

The latest CM2007 REFRESH just hit my inbox... here are the thoughts shared by Cambodian student Chun Ratanak:

The world is full of fear, terrorism, sexual abuse, poverty; life seems to hold no hope even for people who have a lot of money and material possession. I personally believe that God is the answer for those problems; it means that all people need to know and believe in the true God. I praise the Lord for letting me be part of his mission.

I’m so blessed that God is allowing me to join CM2007. Through this conference I hope that God will show me how I can reach my people more effectively. To join this conference I have to raise $1000. Through me I thought it was impossible to get such a big amount of money, but I remembered that Luke 1:37 says that nothing is impossible with God. So It was a challenge for me to trust God.

As I met with one couple, they asked me a lot about my mission. But they supported me more than I ever expected. So through faith I could do it because God strengthened me, as in Philippians 4:13; and God has given me almost enough money to join this great conference. At last I still keep thanking God and praising Him that I could learn a lot from Him in order to make me more effective in doing his work.
Ms. Ratanak is one of thousands of our spiritual siblings who will be joining us in Korea. Praise God for her and her supporters!
If you would like to get the CM07 Refresh e-mail updates, send an email to with the subject line "CM2007 REFRESH - SUBSCRIBE" from the email address to which you would like the update delivered.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Countries on the Road to Korea

In the last week we've had visitors to this blog from the following countries:

United States
Hong Kong
Viet Nam

This summer is going to be so cool!


Notes from Korea

Keith Bubalo recently took a trip to Korea and posted some thoughts on his blog. The pictures above are of the Bexco arena, where we'll all be this summer, and the picture on the right is Keith inside the arena... he says that it's just a small corner of the arena.
You can see Keith's thoughts here:
Road to Korea
Global Road
A Taste of Revelation
This is Where I'll Live
In other news, I met a Korean gentleman at my church this week named Young. Young was at Bexco a few years ago for a textile conference. I asked him what he thought of the Bexco and he said, "It's very very big." Well, it better be since the Living God is going to be showing up! Make some room, people!

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