Thursday, May 31, 2007


World Beat-- Brazil

The new CM07 Refresh just hit my inbox, with this story from Lucelia Oliveira, campus staff in Rio de Janero.

I've been working on support for CM2007 since the middle of April, and up until recently I haven’t managed to get one positive response. As the days went by and the deadlines were getting closer, I began to think that I really shouldn’t go. Last Sunday after one more “no” response, I decided to send an email in desperation to Katia, the co-national campus director in Brazil, telling her about my challenges and my doubts. She responded by motivating me to continue working on it. She told me that I needed to expect a miracle to come very quickly.

Early Monday morning, I decided to send a few more emails to people I hadn’t seen in a long time. One of them responded the same day saying he was going to support me. I expected him to give me about $45, and I was very happy for this. Wednesday, the same person wrote to me and told me that he was praying and that God had put it on his heart to give all that I was lacking.

So I sent another email, saying that what I lacked was a lot of money. He responded saying “Friend, I understand that you need $1,200. I’m convinced that it’s God’s will! I’m going to invest!” I was unable to talk. I was in shock and couldn't say anything sitting there in front of my computer. God had done a miracle.

Then on Thursday I got a phone call from a supporter who felt that it was God’s will that they invest in my support for Korea. The thing is, I never asked my supporters to help financially with Korea because I just asked them to support a summer project in January. They knew about the project and have been involved through prayer. But I had decided that I wouldn’t ask them for support. But he said he’d been praying and studying The Revelation and reading the passage that says, “After this I looked and before me was a great multitude that no one could count…shouting with one voice 'Salvation belongs to our God.'” After he read this passage, he was sure that God was telling him to invest in my trip to Korea even though I hadn’t asked. He deposited $300.

In 2 days God gave me $1,500 – more than I needed! I know that He is powerful to do infinitely more! I was ashamed before God for my lack of faith, but I’m learning one more time to trust Him for everything. I know that he will continue to do this in the lives of all of us.
Lucélia Oliveira,
campus staff
Rio de Janero, Brazil
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Korean Food (part one)

This is Sarah Son. She's our good friend here in Portland, and she is a Canadian Korean. She agreed to come over and cook us some Korean food.

She asked me not to take this picture, but I did it anyway.

Sarah is coming to CM07, by the way.
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Here's a close up


This is what Sarah cooked for us. It's sort of like pancakes (only better). There's zuccini and various meats stir-fried and mixed into the pancakes. I can't remember what it was called. Hopefully I can still feed myself in Korea.
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Down the Hatch!


Here I go, trying it for the first time! Will I like it? Will I hate it? Will I wish I was never going to Korea or will I eagerly look forward to the delightful food? Oh, the suspense!

p.s. Note how well I hold the chopsticks. I used to live in Asia, you know. I am quite proficient with chopsticks. My mom taught me how to use them when I was still a small child.
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I liked it! Yum! It was great. I ate about thirty of these pancake-things and I got a stomach ache from eating too much.

Sarah is a good cook. Korean food is great! I am sure we will all enjoy eating Korean style! Hooray!
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Become Sarah's Facebook Friend


Isn't she cute? And that's Shasta there with her, she's on staff here in our region.

I think you should become Sarah's friend on Facebook!

And feel free to put your own Facebook link in the comments if you are on Facebook!

In closing, I would just like to say... I really like Korean food. Yum.
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