Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Down the Hatch!


Here I go, trying it for the first time! Will I like it? Will I hate it? Will I wish I was never going to Korea or will I eagerly look forward to the delightful food? Oh, the suspense!

p.s. Note how well I hold the chopsticks. I used to live in Asia, you know. I am quite proficient with chopsticks. My mom taught me how to use them when I was still a small child.
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Sure you do!!
you use the chopstick
more correctly than
some of my friends,
some of them just
grab the pair in the palm,
and dig the food....haha..
dreamer0609 you here? ha ha ha
nice to meat you here.

and i can use chopsticks, but not for digging the food and also not in the rice! hahahahahhaahahhahaahahah

seeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu thereeeeee !!!

eating (hi)
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