Saturday, April 14, 2007


Signs on the Road

Hey friends--

Some of you have introduced yourself in previous posts. I thought it might be time to give each other some updates.

1) How have you seen God show himself as you're getting ready for CM07?

2) How is it going with raising the money for this summer?

3) What can we pray for you right now?

Leave your answers in the comments section!

last week a friend of mine told me that God placed in his hart to support me financialy for cm2007.
I have not even imagined that he will do that. Clearely God is in this.

Pray for me as i will start active suport raiseing time in my campus and church. This is planed to be about 22 this month ( April ).

Pray that my entire campus will be influenced by cm2007 and have benefits from this event.

I just await to be there with you all and worship the Lord of Lords.

From Ploiesti to all: Aboundance of Grace in to your lives, for God Alone GLORY Honor and Praise.
also happy for Chun Ratanak.
God be HONORED. You be blessed.
God has been amazing since I first heard about CM07. I originally wanted to go, but my parents said no because of financial worries. Then a study abroad program came up for the fall and I thought I wouldnt have my passport to go to CM07. But through God reavealing his plan I backed out of the semester abroad, and God opened doors wide open for CM07. Including giving me the opportunity to hear a speech which encouraged me to step out on faith and agree to go even though i am unsure of where the money was going to come from.

I am just beginning to raise support for this trip. I have written the letter and will begin to send it out this week. I have 225 dollars so far towards the trip, from friends and family who gave it to me in good faith that that is where God wanted me to be.

Right now I just need prayer for the support will come in. Pray for the people who will recieving my letter to get the vision for CM and want to support me.
Bogdan and Kristen... I'll be praying for you guys.

Who else is out there?
kristen you are on my agenda!
i pray for you.
Also thanks for your prayers Matt.
For me is a deep need to walk constantly in the power and plentifully of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks again for your prayers.
In the challenges and tasks i have, He is faithful and always there with me.
Much stress, hard things and decisions to make, He is my tower of refuge and strength.

I am amazed and shocked by Him. Speechless.

God is faithful even in affording for me financial resources for attending the conference.

Also i afforded me to be there a week earlier to prepare the conference.

Thanks for your prayers, you all. This is on real the most important thing, i am seeing it, not only believe of it.

For God's Grace and His Glory PRAISE FOREVER.

Yours Bogdan, Ploiesti Romania.
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