Saturday, July 07, 2007


New and Old Friends

One of the great things about CM 2007 was having a lot of old friends together with new friends. I saw people every day that I know and love, and simultaneously met new people... friends of friends, or just people with whom I had an enormous amount in common.

Here are some pictures that show what I mean....

In this picture you can see me, Zoran, John, Josip and Allison. John and Allison are stinters in Croatia from our region, and Zoran and Josip are students in Rijeka, Croatia. As you can see we are having a good time, laughing together.

Hanging out in the same group are our good buddies Taylor and Alexis, as well as an unaccountably beautiful woman named Krista who also happens to be my wife!

Also in attendance at our impromptu get-together were Sunny, Sarah and Ken. Sunny is on stint in Croatia, Sarah is finishing up a year as an intern in the United States, and Ken is a good friend who was on stint with me in East Asia and is starting grad school this fall.

Also in the circle are Kristian and Ines from Croatia, as well as Taylor's twin sister, Taylorella. She's the good twin, and Taylor is the evil one. :)

Malisa and Adena happened by as well, so they met everyone except for Zoran, who was staring intently at the camera and could not be disturbed.
Every day was like this. You got to hang out with people you knew, and people they knew, and people who knew the people that they knew. It was like having an enormous party at your house, except that it was in South Korea and you were only allowed to invite 18,000 people. I loved it.
I have a lot more to share, but there are some initial thoughts about the week!

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Not a single comment? Oh well may I be the first. And just to mention that staring at the camera was merely a symptom of grave introspection, I was not aware of the camera at that time. Not of anything or anyone else.

Oh, BTW really glad I've finally met you. Even though I expected you to be taller.
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