Monday, July 09, 2007


Internet friends made real

I met Bogdan (center) here on this blog. And then I met him again in Korea!

Da da!
yes yes! in Romanian.

So Matt is nice you post here this picture. Internet friends made real indeed. Also Sarah Son was another internet friend whom i meet first in Korea. There are more also: Taehee Kim on Facebook, miheret, oyiz on cm2007 forum (friends)and Keith Bubalo, Dan Keler somewhere on internet ( blogg and other internet site), Simon Hwang , Kazu Kurihara , Naomi Yano and many others (friends after cm2007).

This is already a global community.

Praise the Lord.


ps. there are also more friends on internet i should meet at cm2007 and others relations to create, perhaps at next CM (Completing Mission) Conference

DangSinUl ChukBokHamNida
hy Matt what is next on your blogg?

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