Thursday, June 14, 2007



At left you will find a photo of my good buddy, Keith Bubalo. Or, as I like to call him, Keith Blogalo.

He refers to me as Matt Blogalotos instead of Matt Mikalatos. It's a joke, see? We are making fun of each other's names.

Mr. Blogalo, er, I mean Bubalo is on the leadership team for CM07. Yes, he is one of the big, important people.

He has been blogging about his thoughts and experiences on his blog, the Global Road. He wrote me today and said that he's planning to write something about Korea pretty much every day from here up to the conference, so stop by and say hello. He's a friendly fellow. And he doesn't bite, except when he's eating.

I was going to wear a cheese suit. Now they will confuse us.
Okay, I can wear my Apple suit instead.
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