Friday, June 29, 2007


Hi from Busan!

HI everyone! We are safely in Korea, though my clothes and bedding decided to stay in the United States! But everone has been very nice here, and they helped us get set up for the night last night.

Our official welcome to Pusan was some lovely Korean ladies waving CM2007 signs, followed by an Aussie singalong on our bus. The Aussie men love to sing much more than American men. THey have strong voices. It was great fun (probably even more fun if you're not jet lagged). I don't know if I'll have more time to write this week, but I'll try to if I have a chance!

So far we've seen people coming to CM07 from east asia, singapore, australia, jamaica, botswana, zimbabwe and of course Korea since arriving!

I stumbled upon your blog tonight! Dave and I were just saying that you and Krista were two people we'd really like to see at CSU. We'd love to be in Korea too!! I look forward to reading your blog throughout!!-
Alicia Taylor
Hello~ My name is Jennifer (I'm with Korea Campus Crusade in Los Angeles) I wasn't able to make it to CM this year because I'm staying home, finishing up my last month at work and preparing to go to STiNT to Japan this coming September. I stumbled across your entries as well ^_^ I'll be watching all the happenings at Bexco from my computer (Internet Live Broadcasting) and reading your entries as well. Have a wonderful stay in Busan and blessing time at CM~!! I'll be praying for you all~!
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