Friday, June 15, 2007


following the leader

During my deovtional time today I read a couple verses I wanted to share here. Sometimes we are looking for direction, and it seems impossible to do the things God has called us to do. He says, "Go this way" but we see an ocean of impossibility between us and his direction.

One of the Psalmists writes,

"Your path led through the sea,
your way through the mighty waters,
though your footprints were not seen.
You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron." (Psalm 77:19-20)

He can lead us through those impossible places, because he can cause any ocean in our way to become dry land. We just have to trust him, and follow!

Ok Matt, I saw this ad for this blog on the CM07 website -- little did i know it was THAT Matt! :) I'll be there with some of my own east asian friends. I do hope to see you among the tens of thousands! Are you bringing your awesome wife? I hope so!!
woo hoo!
Hey Laurel--

Of course I am bringing my awesome wife. I don't go anywhere without her. :)

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