Thursday, February 15, 2007


We are the world

On the map below you can see that people from all over the world have been coming to this website... it's a great picture of how all the brothers and sisters from many nations will be coming together in Korea this summer.

Take a minue and leave a comment in the comment section and tell us what country you're coming from, and why you're excited about CM07!

Of course I will leave a message, too.

My name is Matt, and I am coming to CM07 from the United States.

I am excited to go to Korea because I have worked with Koreans all over the world, but I have never been to Korea.

I am excited to worship together with people from all over the world.

I am excited to see what God will tell us.

I am excited to plan together to tell every person on earth about Jesus.

Also, I like Korean food.
i am bogdan coming from Romania,i will tell more about ... later.
My name is Kristen and I am coming from North Carolina in the United States. I am excited because I love other cultures and missions and the idea of CM 2007 is so exciting!
This is Everest Liu from University of California, Davis. I'm soo excited for this... but i'm just a little concerned about getting the money to pay for the plane ticket! crazy! but still excited!

I'm hoping to be doing STINT Tokyo, Japan from fall 2007-2008, and possibly 2009 as well!

Praise the lord!
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Bogdan, more about( me) ... now:

I heared about CM 2007 last year .
At first i didn't realised what is all about.
As you ev , i am also greately excited about it.

I just await for the moment to walk into BEXCO hall and shout for joy.

Also, hopefully to attend Summer Project Team B to Tokyo imediately after the conference.

For me is a huge amount of faith, prayer, money, courage and others, to be there but as ev again !crazy!

but as a read about Henryeta Mears on last moment of her life at this question: If you can do it all again ( and she made a lot of great things ) she answered:

I will trust Jesus MORE


i prayed that my faith and trust in HIM will grow fenomenonicaly.
He must not spaer me of not a bit of His Will and Plans He have.

To Him be all the Glory with absolute Supremacy for the joy of all peoples.
Jesus Crist is Saviour and Lord
hey, Candy from Malaysia here,
yaya i'm excited to CM2007 here..
and true for bogdan and ev,
the amount is huge for me as a student and now in the middle of collecting it with faith toward God.Prayer is most important. <-- is my MSN account, if want to contact before CM2007 haha...:D

let's be excited all the way and pray as hard...
Hi guys.
My name is Toshi from Tokyo, Japan. I am so excited about going to Korea this summer. There are not so many christians in Japan. I have never seen 20000 christian students to gather in one place to worship the Lord.He is worthy of all our praises! I am so excited about what God is going to do at cm2007. He is able to do impossible.
praise the Lord!

ev and bogdan> I hope to see you in Japan!
Hi! I’m Anthony from the Philippines, we are all excited here not because it is for ourselves but because for our campuses that has no movement. I’m very thankful to God that He uses SMT-KCCC friends to help PCCC to adopt our campuses, I am expecting that after this wonderful event may we have one vision to always pray in Jesus name for the unreach campuses just like my campus and have movements everyehere. Glory and Honor and Power to our Lord Almighty!
hey, me again here..
praise the lord
i've raised enough fund
for CM2007~
The lord would sufficiently
provide us what we need,
and do not worry for the needs,
as God will give us.
Have Faith on Him.
hi i'm from malysia my name is peter.i will begoing to cm2007 too. Praise God. i'm gonna ride the plane for first time and it is dedicated to Christ.
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Peter for me the same .

You can pray for me as i didnot raised the necesary support for plane thichet for cm2007 ! crazy ???
YES Trust Him to the END.
More about me on "Signs on the Road" posts zone , see you there.
Ohh hiii! Ni hao (chinese for how do you do).
I'm Chinese Singaporean coming for CM2007! can't wait!! Right now i'm going to teach Korean kids English in a private school in my country, so it will be a learning time at CM2007.

will be so eye-opening to meet others who are as passionate about God and His work there too!
HELLO!! i just came upon this site thru another blog. but my name is Pauline and i'll be coming from the Los Angeles area. WOW, this is getting more and more exciting- it will surely be a glimpse of heaven..having brothers and sisters from all over the world at one place to worship our King! :)
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